Our Process

Every task demands a process that has its own unique configuration. But the critical competencies never change and there are no shortcuts, because we’re interested in making letters as creatively and skillfully as possible. Our process can be thought of in three parts:


We research the people, culture and context inherent in the project at hand. And we acquaint ourselves with the environments, both physical and technological, in which our work will eventually perform. All of these facets guide us to the palette of alphabetic possibilities which will best address the complexity of the task.



Whether we’re asked to create a solution from scratch or a designer comes to us with an approved idea, we make sketches within the parameters of the brief and discuss the most potent of these with the client to develop them into a thoughtful, expressive and effective solution. Our understanding of type design and letterform history enables us to ask the right questions for homing in on the best possible result. 


Development and Production

The development and production of exceptional solutions for diverse environments is where our artistic experience and technical know-how really pay off. Sometimes a single iteration of a solution is needed, other times multiple iterations are needed to accommodate differing size applications and reproduction processes in both analog and digital environments. All of these bring their own challenges to the process and have to be resolved with equal precision and effectiveness.